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Timeless Elegance: Building a Modern Spanish-Style Home with a Vintage Twist

When Curtis & Windham, an architecture firm out of Houston that specializes in landscape architecture and residential architecture as well as interior design, approached us with a unique request – to build a Spanish-style home that exuded the charm of the 1920s while incorporating modern amenities and comfort – we knew we had an exciting challenge ahead. The result was a stunning residence that masterfully blends the elegance of a bygone era with the convenience and sustainability of contemporary living.

Design and Inspiration:

The architects at Curtis Wyndam out of Houston drew inspiration from the classic Spanish architecture of the 1920s, characterized by curved lines, ornate details, and a warm, inviting aesthetic. Together, we incorporated these elements into a modern framework, using clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and an emphasis on natural light. The result is a home that feels both nostalgic and fresh, with a unique blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication.

Key Features:

  • Curved Lines and Arches: Soft, rounded curves and elegant arches pay homage to traditional Spanish design, while also creating a sense of fluidity and openness.

  • Warm, Earthy Tones: A palette of warm, earthy colors – think terracotta, sienna, and golden brown – evokes the warmth and coziness of a classic Spanish home.

  • Ornate Details: Decorative tile work, intricate wood carvings, and ornate metalwork add a touch of vintage glamour, while also showcasing modern craftsmanship.

  • Modern Amenities: High-efficiency appliances, smart home technology, and sustainable building materials ensure a comfortable, eco-friendly living space.

Modern Twists:

  • Open-Concept Living: A spacious, open-plan living area perfect for entertaining and relaxation.

  • Natural Light: Large windows, clerestory windows, and skylights bring in an abundance of natural light, reducing the need for artificial illumination.

This Spanish-style home with a vintage twist is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and expert craftsmanship. By blending the best of both worlds – classic elegance and modern functionality – we've created a truly unique and captivating living space that honors the past while embracing the future. Whether you're looking to build a dream home or simply seeking inspiration for your next renovation, we hope this project has sparked your imagination and encouraged you to think creatively about the possibilities of modern home design.


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